Monday, April 7, 2014

ladies, let's all look up and smile at one another

Have you (and I know you have) ever been walking through the grocery store, the hallways of church, the school parking lot, and seen someone you know and done one of the following: 

1. Lower your head and pretend you didn't see them?
2. Find their gaze and still act as if you don't know them?

I know the answer is yes.  Why in the world do we do this?  Are we all just really mean people?  Must this mean that we are actually really more important than the one we pass by?  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say a big no.  Instead, let me offer my personal experience reasons.  Why do we do this?  Fear and insecurity.  Generally 1,000 thoughts/concerns/comments/questions run through my mind in this situation.  I'm sure she doesn't remember me, I'm not cool enough to say hello, she surely doesn't want to speak to me, I look a mess, I'm terrible at small talk, she has better people to be friends with, I just don't make the cut.  And on.  And on.  I'm afraid.  Like crazy. 
I believe I'm not important enough to be remembered and I'm so insecure that I won't allow myself to find out if it is true.  

I just spent the weekend with some incredibly lovely ladies from my church and I had such a sweet time with the group in my cabin discussing and sharing our hearts on what comparison and criticism does to us.  It paralyzes us.  Comparison paralyzes.  When the truth is we are all women, in need of and seeking the same Jesus, longing to get rid of sins and find ourselves more in obedient step with God.  And we could use each other.  I mean we really need each other.    We are not chained to the lies that Satan sneaks into our thoughts.  We have been set free.  Let's call the lie by name and fight it.  For the sake of the gospel and the glory of God and for the edification and beauty of the community of women God has given each of us.  

This here just scratches the surface but for now let me encourage this among us women...

Let's all look up and smile at one another.  

Speak by name.  Lift your arms to embrace, your words to encourage and prayer, and your joy to fight off the lies that entangle each one of us.  You, my friends, are worth it to me.  Let's consider the value of one another and walk with our heads high and our hearts open.  I commit to remembering you, knowing you, and covering you with the love of Christ in me.  

Will you?

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Anonymous said...

I'm notoriously bad with both names AND faces... so on a regular basis, a person who I'd swear was a complete stranger walks up to me and says something like "Hi Kay, How's your daughter's baseball team doing this year?".

This suggests that I have:
- met this "stranger" before
- engaged her in conversation
- she has taken the time to remember not only my name, but details about my family