Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Storm

What a crazy week! We lost power Tuesday and haven't had it back. We've bounced from house to house chasing electricity and ended in Branson on a previously planned family vacation. Andrew & I visited our house and took some pictures-from across the street we could barely see our house through the fallen front tree. No damage was done to our house our cars but there is a lot of clean up coming! Despite the no fun circumstances, several times this week we've marveled over the power of water. And over the beauty and glory of God that can be seen in everything. We praise God for his provision for us.

Welcome Home

When Andrew got back from his trip we were very happy to see him! Madeline just sat in his lap and played. We had a little bit of snow that weeek so Madeline got to "play" outside in it for the first time. She was a cute snow bunny-although didn't care too much about the snow. She always enjoys walking around outside and we had a good time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

North Carolina

While Andrew was away, Madeline, Becca, & I went to North Carolina to stay with our Mimi. We went to the Children's Museum, ate yummy food, saw a few performances, and had great conversations. We also got to see Christian, Seuli, Asha, & Elizabeth for a bit. The two little girls were great fun to watch!