Tuesday, August 30, 2011

anna and daddy

He is such a good daddy. I just love these sweet pictures. Had to include the last one though to show what happens when she sees mama. :) Love this girl.

Friday, August 26, 2011

mind explosion

My mind feels like its exploding with thoughts. Serious ones, silly ones, spiritual ones, heavy ones, whats for dinner? ones, and so forth. Which should prompt me to some funny, clever, spiritual, deep, or something or other blog. But, clearly no. So here is a random event in our lives from this summer.

I got motivated somehow to make my own laundry soap-feeling very pioneer-y apparently. Found a website,, and went for it. Plus, I had two very cute and eager assistants. And, I should confess, this is actually round two...didn't want to document round 1 in case of utter failure and humiliation. Here goes.

First, ingredients: borax, super washing soda, and fels naptha
Second, grating: this takes a bit of time...I did one bar in about 10 minutes. I used the finest side of my cheese grater (which gets no other use b/c I buy pre-grated :).
Third, combining: 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, 1 bar of grated soap. Mix it up. This is where my handy helpers came in. I am about 95% sure Madeline never licked any off her fingers.

I made 2 batches of this and began using it August 1st. I have about 1/3rd of it left still. I use about 2 tbsp per load unless its very big or very small. Also, I get tired of grating when the soap gets small and I begin grating my fingers along with soap so I just baggie up the leftover and use it as a stain stick with a little water directly on stains right before the wash. Man, I sound very DIY and earthy and what not, don't I? Just kidding.

Give it a try. It's easy, fun, kids like it, you feel cool. An all around victory I'd say.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


A few days ago Madeline & I went to Sams to pick up a few things. When we do things with the kids one-on-one they like to call our time "dates" because Andrew & I go on dates just the two of us. It's pretty cute. Anyway. We were walking through Sams and Madeline said, "Mama, I want to get you a special treat of flowers because I love you." Melt my heart, make me cry. And, yes, we did get me a lovely special treat of flowers.

Then today Andrew & the kids were looking at the scrapbook of our trip to get Simeon in Ethiopia. Well, at one point while we were at the Gladney home he lived in one of the mamas there wanted to show us how Simeon liked his crib. Liked was putting it WAY to strongly. He actually hated it. At least at that moment. So we have these pictures of him sitting in his crib screaming crying. So sad. Andrew was telling him this story and then later, on the way to church, Simeon was telling this all to me. In his sweet little voice he said, "And I was crying and crying but then my mama came and got me." Again, melt my heart, make me cry. My kiddos make me so happy. What a joy to be their mama.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

potty talk

be forewarned by the title folks...just saying

While going to the bathroom:

Madeline: Mom, what's inside my poop?

Madeline: Mom, what does pee smell like?

Simeon: It's comin'!

Simeon: That's a really long one!

I'll let you (or not) think up your own responses for these lovely sayings. I especially like the difference it shows between girls and boys!