Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Day

Today is a big day for our fam. First, it is our 6th anniversary. I'd just like to say I love my sweet husband more now than ever. And to add to the joy of the day, Madeline says, Happy Father's Day! Daddy-you are the best. Thanks for making me laugh, tickling me, touching my fingers, chasing me around, tossing me in the air, swimming with me, reading with me, teaching me, singing silly songs with me, taking me on walks, loving me & so much more. You are the best!

We love you tons!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pillow Fun

Madeline has so much fun with her daddy. He is always making her laugh & she just loves him so much. Friday night they decided it would be great to pile EVERY pillow in our house up on the floor and play in them. They were right-it was great fun! Madeline would run & jump into the pillows & laugh. Now she still goes up to pillows & tries to start dragging them into the living room.

Car Washing

Last weekend Andrew, Madeline, & I spent the day playing outside. Madeline LOVES being outside, or "side" as she likes to say. Our sweet next door neighbor has a pool which she loves to share so we swim a lot & Madeline has tons of fun. We washed cars last Sunday & Madeline was a great helper. She helped mostly by making sure the sponge & rags stayed wet in the bucket but also used a scrubber to clean the grill! So fun.