Thursday, April 15, 2010

a new broom

This is a conversation that occurred between Andrew & me this week that was priceless. It was around lunchtime at our house and I had just returned from a WalMart run with the kiddos. They were eating & Andrew called. We chatted some and he proceeded to tell me what the rest of his day looked like. He was on his way to lunch with a friend at Whole Hog, then to meet up with another friend for a bit (work of course), then to play hand ball with the guys he disciples for the afternoon. Also work, of course. After he said all that, I said, in all seriousness, guess what I found at Walmart today? It's a really great new broom! As the words came I genuinely meant new broom is really great. But the image of the things that fill his day next to the things that bring excitment to my day was very laughable. Either way, I firmly stick to the fact that I love my new broom...even more now after a weeks worth of use.