Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my growing up baby

Today was a big day for me.  My sweet 4 year old baby girl skipped through the doors of her new pre-school classroom and I walked away.  Madeline couldn't have been more excited.  She loves structure, teachers, learning, and playing.  She was all smiles and cheerfulness.  I was all smiles as least until I shut myself back up in the safe confines of my car.  And then I cried.  And I may be crying some now.  Maybe.  Like I said, it is a big day for me.  Up to now Madeline & I have basically spent every day of her life together.  It is weird and hard and sad and exciting to watch your babies grow.  I keep thinking that this is the beginning of her being gone from me more and more and more.  Today I was praying for her (& me) and was reminded by Jesus that who she is and what she does and where she is belongs to Him.  I so greatly long for her life to always be centered on Jesus as her Lord and I know I need to trust Him with her life every step of the way.  Not just the steps that are taken away from me.  So proud of my little girl, her sweet character, her compassion and love for others, and her tender spirit.  I joyfully and eagerly look forward to watching her life unfold and Christ be made known to her and through her.  What a privilege to be her mama.  
 first ever haircut in preparation for pre-school
 professionally done by her Aunt Lauren!
 all ready for orientation
 this girl loves making silly faces

 first day of pre-school!
 she picked her outfit, shoes, and hair-do

 more silly faces

her 4 year old class

Thursday, August 23, 2012

rainy day fun

Every time it rains the kids want to go outside and play in the the other day I said YES.  And they were happy.  And so was I.  Anna kept trying to point to the rain as if to say, Mama, do you feel and see what I feel and see?  It was funny.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

things i don't want to forget about anna...

helmet. bucket. diaper. pink shoes.  what else could a little girl need?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sleeping babes

Andrew captured these babes one morning being cute & playful.  Love it when they love each other well.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

elijah: 1 month

Elijah just passed his one month birthday. He and his mama are doing so so well.  He is unbelievably cute and sweet tempered.  He eats, sleeps, and grows.  All in our home love him like crazy.  Especially Anna.  She has great concern whenever she hears him crying or doesn't know where he is.  She holds up her hands and says, baby?  And Ren, well she is an incredible mama.  She loves him so deeply.  It has been such a joy and treat to watch her be his mama.  She is patient, adoring, prayerful.  She is adjusting, as we all do when babies come, to the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual changes, joys, and stressors in her life.  She makes my heart happy.  What a blessing to have them in our lives.  We could have never imagined this road for our family but we are so thankful to be on it, journeying through the joys and sorrows together.  Holding on to Jesus and seeking to point all in our home to become more like Him.  We say often in our home to our children that we want them to love well.  And that is also what we strive to do.  Love well.  Both in and out of our house.  Because God first loved us, because love doesn't change based on what we do or don't do, and because love draws us into God's presence and character and allows His love to flow through us.  Enjoy some Elijah cuteness!

Monday, August 6, 2012

the many lovely faces of Madeline

this little cutie never ceases to make me laugh and the for real laughs, not just the laugh-at-your-kid-to-make-them-happy laugh.  this photo shoot was all her arranging.  can't handle that she is almost five.  i may have cried at the computer when i got the email from her new preschool to let us know about orientation and the likes.  i can pretty much guarantee i will be the mama crying as i drop her off.  and if she happens to cry and hold me (unlikely because she is so stinkin' excited) then i may just scoop her up and walk back out the door.  maybe.  pray for me, folks.