Friday, August 30, 2013

school time has come

Six years ago I was somewhere around 30 weeks pregnant with our firstborn babe.  This little one came four weeks early and has lived her life with a little bang ever sense.  She has been excitedly anticipating kindergarten for several years now, literally!  And this week it happened, her first day of school. 

She has loved her first days.  She walked in with timid confidence and takes joy in telling us all about her day.  She is such a spunky almost 6 year old and I am so proud of her.  

And to add tears to tears, my sweet Simeon started pre-school two days a week.  I can't handle it.  He is so excited about his school and jumped into it with full on energy, as he does all things.  He is such a determined and good-hearted boy & I am also so proud of him!

Our lives are in a giant transition with new things starting for each of us all at the same time.  But truly it seems as if life is somewhat always transitioning from one thing to another.  I am not a deep thinker or expresser (made up word?) right now as I sit here with sticky syrup on my elbows from the corners of my table and listen to the majority of my children not napping.  I just see my children growing up and recognize that every day & every change is such a sweet time with them and such a sweet opportunity to show them love & grace and teach them of Jesus & sin & forgiveness & real life.  I am trying hard to get my mind & heart set on Jesus so my overflow to them will abound with Him.  I struggle daily to be patient with them, speak with grace, check my tone and not be exasperated or irritated with my facial expressions towards them.  And I fail often but thankfully Jesus is patient and gracious and tender and kind toward me.  And at the end of the day it never fails that we all give each other hugs, tell each other we love yous, pray together, and keep transitioning on.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Well we did it.  Madeline has been begging for a haircut for a long while now & I finally caved.  Aunt Lauren came over & chopped the whole pony tail off.  Madeline has loved it...and I have to...even though it was hard to let happen. 

 Simeon was next & got his hair buzzed.  He wanted longer on the top & shorter on the sides.  
Handsome fella.  

And of course we couldn't leave little Anna out.  Although no hairs were actually cut, she was happy.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

pajama night

Nights with these four are always a good time.  On this night, like others, we ate, bathed, and piled together for a few snuggles before bedtime.  Our days may be unpredictable, our nights may be full of little people in our room, but they're worth it. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


We learned quickly that Paulina loves the water!  So we've been spending a lot of time at the pool.  She kicks and splashes and laughs and it is so sweet to watch.  Madeline & Simeon have become little swimming pros-conquering the deep end this summer and loving it.  Anna has no fear.  She jumps under water, dives into the deep end, bobs her cute little head up and down.  She definitely wears a floaty and makes me constantly a bit nervous. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

and now she is 3

I can't can't can't believe she's 3.  When she was born, all my children were under 3.  Now they are all over 3.  I have no words.  This girl has so much life and brings so much laughter and joy to us all.  So thankful for her life. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

skates & peanut butter

Madeline was invited to a skate party recently and she LOVED it!  At first she was timid and wanted me to follow her and hold onto her walker.  Then she wanted me to just walk by her, then she didn't want me to walk by her at all but watch by the wall.  All of the sudden I looked up she had left the walker & was skating all by herself!  I was shocked.  She was so proud.  I've found myself being both overjoyed and overwhelmed all at the same time with Madeline.  She is getting so big and growing up so much.  She starts kindergarten in one week.  One week.  I can't handle it.   

And to top it off she went and made her own pb&j!  Love her.