Monday, March 23, 2009

Playing with Fam

These last 2 weeks while Andrew was gone Madeline & I spent some time at my parents. It is a blessing to have such great family & friends around-especially while Andrew is away! Madeline is growing so much...she is talking a lot, playing more all by herself, trying to jump, eating different foods, and more. With the weather getting warmer, we are outside almost daily. She gets her shoes (su's), goes to the door, and says, bye bye. Many of you have asked what is going on with our adoption...well, it is a slow process. We have almost finished our paperwork and hope to get on the wait list within the next few months. There is still some "officializing" of documents that needs to be done & is in the process. Other than that...we just wait. Thanks for asking...we love talking about Simeon even when it seems like nothing new is going on.