Thursday, October 27, 2011

my madeline is 4

Four years ago I had no idea. No idea how much love and goodness was about to enter my life. Four years ago I became a Mama. And now, tomorrow, my firstborn turns 4. Sweet Madeline, you are a true joy and light in our lives. You are passionate, tender hearted, faithful. You love quality time and to snuggle up with Daddy & Mama. You ask the best questions. You care for the hurts of others. You play the best pretend. You sing and dance and giggle. You remember everything with impressive accuracy. You are genuine. You take care of your brother and sister. You are so full of creative energy. Being your Mama is a privilege and blessing beyond description. I love you like crazy cakes my sweet little girl. Happy 4th birthday Madeline Grace Brill!

Friday, October 21, 2011

picture lovin'

If I could add a skill to my life skill list it would be photography. I have a nice camera and I love taking pictures but I only know about 3 things about how to use it. But I have dreams of one day being very camera smart and taking lovely fun photos. Until then I must rely on my precious baby faces to make the pictures look so great. And that isn't too hard.

Monday, October 17, 2011

and now he is 3

Our little boy turned three a few weeks ago. He was so excited about his birthday. Whenever asked about it, he would say, 'do you want some cake at my birthday party?' What a sweetie. This little fella makes me melt over and over again. He makes crazy faces, laughs like there's no tomorrow, cries big fat crocodile tears when things are hard, shares his toys with Madeline, tickles Anna, tackles Andrew, and has the most determined heart. So determined in fact that when he decided he needed his training wheels off his bike he learned to ride by himself within 3 days. Did I say he's only 3? He has a very stick to it attitude, gives big hugs, and we are so incredibly thankful for him. Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Simeon Andrew Tekalegn Brill!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

behind but still here

Well over the last week or so my computer kept telling me I had 'malware'. Whatever that means. Apparently it was coming from a link I had to my friend Amelia's blog so I removed it. Sad. Sorry Amelia. Hopefully we can get you back as soon as someone explains to me what might need to be done. Anyway, we are in the middle of a W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L family stay-cation. Meaning, a vacation in which we stay home. 5 whole work days with no work. Much happiness going on in our home. More on staycation later but for now, here are some pics of my funny funny kiddos.

what are you guys doing?

being silly?

I will get you!