Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a sweet little moment

Since coming home my friend Ginny & I have been trying to get our girls together for a sweet little moment.  Their Lena was one of Paulina's roomies in Ukraine.  The fact that they now sit in a room together, in our home, laughing, smiling, and just blossoming beneath the love of families is more emotional than I can put into words.  On Paulina's birthday, we finally got them together for a few moments.  Someone really should have been filming me & Ginny...we were laughing and tickling and being crazy over the top emotional mamas and loving every second of it.  The girls were good sports for us.  

Their Creator has had His hands all over their lives from the start, and I am so humbled and thankful to watch more of His glory unfold in their beautiful lives.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paulina's Birthday

You are 5! Your birthday was such a joyful day for us.  Our family & friends came over and we celebrated!  You are so loved my dear! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

look and listen

When I discipline my children one of my number one phrases and instructions to them is to look at my eyes and listen.  And, not shockingly, it is by far the hardest thing for them to do.  They would rather sit alone, do their consequences, or just say the right words of "I'm sorry please forgive me" than look at me and listen.  

Honestly, it can drive me crazy.  And sometimes I push them hard on this and other times I let it go.  Sometimes they look but I know their heart isn't there but sometimes, just sometimes, I know they are looking and seeing.  Seeing beyond my words, their actions, the consequences.  

They are seeing things of character, understanding a bit things of the heart, of the Spirit.  And when they do, it is a good thing between them and me.  They know I love them, I am filled with grace for them.  We both can walk away with a good hug, sometimes tears, and actual joy that there is more than just action and consequence between us.  There is love, grace, forgiveness, security, goodness.  

Is this not so very true of me with God as well?  When sin seeps out of me, when hardships press down, when lies fill my mind, do I turn to Him?  Do I look?  Do I listen?  His promises are glorious.  His character is glorious.  

They are young and we are working daily to teach and train and prayerfully point them to Christ.  They will miss Him often, as I do daily as well.  But at some point, I trust that they will look towards Christ, listen, and find in Him their Savior and Friend.

Monday, October 14, 2013

new camera happies

Hello blog.  Whew.  I do exist.  Life is a bit...full.  But we do exist.  And even if I don't blog it all, our life is still happening.  I'm pretty sure at least.  Anywoo.  For my birthday Andrew gave me a new camera lens.  I love it & am having a great time finally using my big camera again.  Here's some of my first shots...