Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meeting our Sweetie: Paulina Katherine

I want to jump back a bit and remember the moment we met Paulina.  The morning after we arrived in Kramatorsk we hopped in a van and were talking things over with Olga when we realized we were driving to the orphanage, about to meet Paulina for the first time.  My emotions were high, to say the least.  As we walked up the stairs tears were streaming down my face and then we walked into her room, and there she was.  The precious one we've longed for and loved and prayed for so long was feet away from me.  Madeline, Andrew & I walked to her crib and put our hands on her sweet little body and said hello for the first time.  It was one of the most precious moments of my life.  Madeline repeated, Hi Paulina, and rubbed her arm.  I lifted her up and held her in my arms and spoke over and over through tears, I’m your mama and I love you.  I can’t even express the depths of emotions.  We spend the next 30 minutes holding her, talking to her, making her laugh, and loving her.  She sat in our laps, smiled, held hands, and was such joy.  Watching Madeline hold her and talk with her melted my mama heart.  She was tender and kind and so deeply loving to her sister.  It was indescribable. 

couldn't be more thankful for this precious gift God has given us.  She is a picture of redemption and glory and the Gospel to me.  I have seen so much more of God by knowing her and I know more will come.  With all the crazy going on meeting Paulina felt like God was giving me a hug.  You know the kind when that truly only a sister or a best friend can come up beside you and give?  So full of meaning with no words.  You just both rest in the hug and know…the depths of love, care, oneness of spirit, understanding of the path you've been down, and strength to continue on.  Through all the ups & downs, the day came, and we met Paulina, and God met me there as well, and hugged me tight.

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The Sherrill Family said...

She's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the story of meeting Paulina. It's absolutely beautiful.